West Belfast Partnership Awards

A tour of four of the projects competing for the West Belfast Partnership Awards.

Malone College: Malone College was a joint winner of the Education Award, involving the eco-team to promote environmental awareness and education.

St James Garden of Hope Farm: Wonderfully quirky urban farm. The community themselves came up with the idea of introducing animals and that encouraged local children and teenagers to become involved. The once derelict site is now home to a pig, lambs, around nine ducks, two goats, 15 hens and guinea pigs.

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership: Received the Community Award for their Healthy Living Centre at the Colin Allotments. The Centre has transformed a vacant site into a thriving horticultural centre and community asset.

Mount Eagles Drive Action Group: Former winners of the Community Award for their environmental awareness project. This action group has a strong environmental ethos and has campaigned for a number of environmental projects in the Lagmore area of west Belfast.

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