The Rise of the Lower Shankill

Were you aware that as an individual you have the right to participate in any decision-making processes that affect your development?

Lower Shankill Community Association is an< advocacy group working to re-image the area and to ensure peace. By encouraging residents to cut old ties with paramilitaries and to work with the Police Service Northern Ireland, the LSCA aims to make the Shankill a friendlier place. To further its goal of re-imaging, the LSCA has removed some of the more extreme paramilitary murals and replaced them with depictions of other aspects of the Shankill culture.  Practice and Participation of Rights' vision is to promote a society in which all people are accorded equal respect and dignity, and their human rights are upheld, protected and fulfilled by the State through their participation and active involvement in decisions affecting their lives. They seek to facilitate and support the most marginalised groups to use a human rights based approach to change decision making relationships and improve the delivery of public services. Completed in 2008 [tw-divider]n&w belfast[/tw-divider]