The Gaeltacht Quarter/An Cheathrú Ghaeltachta: Fergus O’Hare

Fergus O'Hare was involved in the Northern Ireland Civil Rights movement as a member of Peoples Democracy in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was elected as a member of Belfast City Council in 1981.

In the 1990s, Fergus became involved in the Irish language movement and in 1991 he helped set up and became the first head teacher of Méanscoil Feirste, now Coláiste Feirste, the first Irish language secondary school in Northern Ireland, and in the establishment of Raidió Fáilte, which broadcast in Irish in the Belfast area. Raidió Fáilte is regulated by Ofcom.

The Belfast Gaeltacht Quarter (An Cheathrú Ghaeltachta) is an area in the west of the city with the aim of promoting the Irish language, attracting enterprise, tourism and wealth to a largely socially and economically deprived area.

Proposals for a Gaeltacht Quarter began in 2002 as a recommendation of the Joint West Belfast/Greater Shankill Task Force. The plan was then adopted by Government and Belfast City Council.

This is one of a series of interviews which explores the challenges and successes to date.

Subtitled in English.

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