Shankill Alternatives Art Trail

Since 2005 the restorative justice organisation Greater Shankill Alternatives was responsible for creating a series of iconic artworks, stretching the length of the Shankill Road, from Peter's Hill to Woodvale Park.

This short film follows that Art Trail, and reveals how the organisation is channeling the energy of young people into creative enterprises which benefit the whole community.

Greater Shankill Alternatives was established as a community based restorative justice programme in September 1998 and was initially intended to act as a pilot project for three years to evaluate its effectiveness before beginning the process of expansion.

However, due to the success of Greater Shankill Alternatives and the requests from other communities for similar initiatives, Northern Ireland Alternatives evolved as a means to help develop and support new strategic restorative justice initiatives. North Down Alternatives started in March 2003, North Belfast Alternatives in October 2003, East Belfast Alternatives in November 2003 and South Belfast Alternatives in April 2010. Each site is registered as a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status.

The film was completed in 2010.

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