Out of Bounds

Despite regeneration plans being released in 2005, the area of Parkside in Newington on the Limestone Road in North Belfast continued to decline. Local residents talk about their frustration with conditions in the area and give their views on the new plans being put in place for the regeneration of this area in 2010.

Parkside is located in a nationalist area just off the Limestone Road in Belfast, at an interface. In 2005, Northern Ireland Executive identified Parkside for regeneration but plans failed to materialise. The regeneration proposals outlined a £8.5m redevelopment.

In 2015, a £3.8m regeneration scheme to create shared housing at Parkside was the winner at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) awards. The scheme provided 37 new homes.

The judges described Parkside as “an innovative social housing project that has achieved an impressive transformation of one of the most volatile flashpoints in North Belfast, a shining beacon example of what can be achieved in difficult circumstances with innovation, good design and inspiration”.

The project also saw the removal of the peace wall separating the adjacent Alexandra Park.

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